Jean-Baptiste Barrière

  The Garden of Dreams interactive installation                           Whispering Bayou interactive installation

                   & Distant Mirrors                                                         at the Contemporary Art Museum of Houston

        a performance of two musicians

       playing together through Internet


The Tempest Songbook, a music, dance and video show

A text of Aleksi Barrière: «Multimedia Art: a Sacred Unity»

A Portrait Concert at Miller Theatre, March 2014

Some recent projects: La Passion de Simone  Maa Beau Travail

Two electroacoustic works: Chréode, Hybris

Hommage to Anssi Karttunen for his 50th Anniversary: Anssi’s Eternal Return

What is Image Auditive?

Visual Concerts:

Kaija Saariaho’s works: NoaNoa, Lonh, Changing Light  L’Amour de loin  Voix/Espace

Jean-Baptiste Barrière’s works:  CellitudeTime DustsViolance    Crossing the Blind Forest

Operas in concert version with visual creation:

Saariaho’s L’Amour de loin  Ravel’s L’Enfant et les Sortilèges  Messiaen’s Saint François d’Assise 

Berg’s Wozzeck


Autoportrait en mouvement, Poursuite du Vent, Miroir des Songes Nox Borealis Beau Travail

Multimedia Shows/Spectacles:

Les Fantômes du Temps, Deux Songes de Maeterlinck d’après Bruegel Voix/Espace Maa

Collaborations with Maurice Benayoun:

World Skin, Tunnel Paris-New Delhi, Crossing Talks, Art Impact, So So So,

Planet of Visions Cosmopolis, Emotional Traffic, Emotion Vending Machine

Some other works:

Peter Greenaway’s 100 Objects to Represent the World

Fontevraud: l’âme et la pierre

Saariaho & Barrière’s Fall 2016 in New York, a calendar of events