Blu-ray & CD box set


"EKSTASIS" by Kaija Saariaho & Jean-Baptiste Barrière

Blu-ray + CD + Booklet CYP2624


with Aliisa Neige Barrière (violin), Camilla Hoitenga (flutes), Raphaële Kennedy (voice)

6 films directed by Jean-Baptiste Barrière

Works by

Kaija Saariaho:

– "Nocturne", for violin & images

– "NoaNoa", for flute, electronics & images

– "Lonh", for soprano, electronics & images


Jean-Baptiste Barrière:

– "Crossing the Blind Forest", for bass flute, piccolo, electronics & images

– "Violance", for violin, child voice, electronics & images

– "Ekstasis", for voice, electronics & images

Conception & realization of images: Jean-Baptiste Barrière

Artistic direction, recording, editing, vocal & instrumental mix: David Lefeber/Metier productions

Computer music realization:  Jean-Baptiste Barrière & Thomas Goepfer

Electronics & final mix: Jean-Baptiste Barrière

Video processing: Pierre-Jean Bouyer & François Galard

Filming, editing & color grading: Isabelle Barrière

Conception & technical supervision: Image Auditive

Production: Da Pacem - www.raphaelekennedy-dapacem.com

Executive Producer: Cédric Hustinx - AVECypres - Label Cypres - www.cypres-records.com

With the help of ADAMI & Régie Culturelle - Région Sud, Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur

Blu-ray bonus: interviews of composers by Pierre-Adrien Charpy, filmed by Isabelle Françaix

Booklet texts: Didier Lamare

AVECypres Collection, Cypres Label © Da Pacem & kastafior 2019

Kaija Saariaho scores published by Chester Music, Music Sales Group, www.musicsales.com