Anssi’s Eternal Return is a music and video piece realized for the occasion of Anssi Karttunen’s 50th Anniversary, and was a surprise gift, presented to him at the celebration concert in Helsinki,  on September 26th, 2010.

The piece is part of the Mystery Variations project, in which over 30 composers were invited to write, as gifts to Anssi, variations based on Giuseppe Colombi’s Ciaccona, known as the first piece for modern cello.

It is based musically on a sound recording of Anssi playing Colombi’s Ciaccona. Elements of this recording were transformed and remixed.

And it is visually based on video recordings of Anssi playing, as well as on paintings by Muriel Von Braun, both sources being, similarly to the music, edited, processed and remixed.


Anssi’s Eternal Return

A Musical & Visual Piece