for Kaija Saariaho’s pieces


Here you can find all elements necessary to perform the electronics in Kaija Saariaho’s pieces.

These are ‘standalone applications’ for Macintosh made with Max (cf. www.cycling74.com).

Note that Max is not required to run these applications, only the files provided here are needed.

Editable patches or PC versions may be made available on request.

Some of the most recent patches may require Ircam Forum software authorizations.

For requests about codes or other matters, please email Jean-Baptiste Barrière: jb@barriere.org

For any other information about Kaija Saariaho and her works go to Chester Music

IMPORTANT: in recent MacOS versions, there is a known issue when downloading

Max standalones through browsers (such as Safari, etc.)

Before to download, one needs first to go to ‘System Preferences/Security & Confidentiality/General’

and check ‘Authorize the applications downloaded from: anywhere’.

If you do not do it, the system will display a misleading message saying that the ‘file is damaged’.

You just need to change the security parameters as described above, then restart the standalone.

Special note for MacOS Sierra: the ‘anywhere’ option is by default disabled. To enable it again:

start the application Terminal and type the following:

« sudo spctl --master-disable »

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