Solutions to Common Problems

Missing sound files

Make sure you have downloaded the sound files from the relevant piece page: the ‘latest patch version’ download may not always include the sound files; these may need to be downloaded separately from the same page.

If sound files are actually separately downloadable, they should be placed in the same folder than the standalone, at the same level.

‘File is damaged’ message when starting standalone applications

In recent MacOS versions, Gatekeeper (MacOS security system) pretends that the file is damaged and that you should trash it, which is a misleading message. We provide an installer which attempts to fix this issue. In case MacOS still refuses to open the installer, go to ‘System Preferences/Security & Confidentiality/General’ and click on ‘Open anyway’ for this file.

One can also do it manually:

- put the standalone app in /Applications,

- open Terminal and type: ‘xattr -rc’, then drop the standalone app in Terminal and make ‘return’.

If you are experiencing any other problem, contact Jean-Baptiste Barrière: