Solutions to Common Problems

M1 Macintosh

Some external Max objects are not yet compatible with M1 Macintosh, however patches including then can still be used if you run Max in Rosetta mode. Close Max, then find the Max application in you Applications folder, and do ‘command-I’ on the file, then check ‘open with Rosetta’.

‘File is damaged’ message when starting older versions «standalone» applications

In recent MacOS versions, Gatekeeper (MacOS security system) pretends that the file is damaged and that you should trash it, which is a misleading message. We provide an installer which attempts to fix this issue. In case MacOS still refuses to open the installer, go to ‘System Preferences/Security & Confidentiality/General’ and click on ‘Open anyway’ for this file.

One can also do it manually: put the standalone app in /Applications, then open Terminal and type: ‘xattr -rc’, then drop the standalone app in Terminal and make ‘return’.

Windows versions Spat5 library issues

Sometimes, depending of the Windows version, the Ircam’s Spat5 Library objects may run into authorization issues. It requires the “Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2019”.

  1. You can (freely) download it from Microsoft website: 61.

  2. Select Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable and x64 and follow the instructions for installation.

  3. Restart Max after installation.

Troubleshooting for Windows

A frequent issue is to have an “Error 126 loading external”.

This error message appears in the Max Console when creating a spat5 object (or when opening a patcher that contains spat5 externals). In that case, the spat5 external objects appear in red color in the patcher window and they are unusable.

Typically, this issue arise when the spat5 files have not been properly copied into your “Max Packages” folder. Spat5 requires a number of DLL libraries; these DLL files must be in the C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Max 8\Packages\spat5\support folder so that Max can load them (and subsequently load the spat5 externals)

More details here:

If you are experiencing any other problem, contact Jean-Baptiste Barrière: