The Garden of Dreams

Interactive Installation

The Garden of Dreams is an installation proposing to its visitors the interactive exploration of dreams coming from all over the world, in many different languages, recorded both on the Internet and at the two installation locations.

These dreams take part in a collective memory, which visitors of the installation can consult by traveling through oniric universes.

To participate to the installation by recording your dreams on Internet:

The performance Distant Mirrors will extend this experience by allowing two flutists, one in Lyon, the other in New York, to play together via the Internet, crossing the dreams and the oniric landscapes of the installation.


Musées Gadagne (Lyon), March 7th to 29th, 2014,

& Maison française of Columbia University (New York) March 24th to 29th, 2014


Musées Gadagne, Lyon, France, Saturday March 29TH, 5 P.M. & 6 P.M.

Miller Theater, New York, United States, Saturday March 29TH, 12 P.M. & 1 P.M.

Conception, composition, computer music and graphics: Jean-Baptiste Barrière

Computer music and graphics realization : Christophe Lebreton (Grame), research teams of Grame & Ircam – in the frameworkd of  the Inedit Project

Realization : Grame, Image Auditive

Coproduction : Grame / Biennale Musiques en Scène

Production : Grame & Image Auditive, in partnership with Musées Gadagne (Lyon), Miller Theater,  Computer Music Center & Maison Drançaise of Columbia University (New York)

With the help of: Inedit Project/ANR, Fonds Scan Rhône-Alpes Region, Dicream

Some images of the installation:

The webpage of the installation, where people could record their dreams: